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The only reason that I find to the question was that Curley's wife who's name is never mentioned in the novel is the only woman in the farm where George and Lennie arrive. By being the only female in the farm Curley is afraid that maybe other ranch-men will hand out with her so during the novel the ranch-men don't want to be with her. Also Curley likes ti begin fights usually with big guys so the rest will feel fear of him and be far of his wife and also that he was the son of the boss to gain more authority.  


The friendship that George and Lennie have form started when they where kids. After Lennie's aunt named Clara died George decided to take care of Lennie and reach for their dream together. Both of them dreamed of having their own farm where they will live of their own crops and Lennie will have many rabbits. As the story continues Lennie who has a mental dis capacity keeps them getting in trouble what has as a consequence to run out of their jobs to prevent Lennie of suffering the strong consequences of his mistakes. George always thinks in Lennie's safety first and tries to protect him by giving Lennie strict orders. while the story goes, frequently George gets mad at Lennie because he can control his own strength and commits errors like killing the mice and Curley's wife has an example. Both of them have a dream that keeps them together, their dream is to have their own land where they can live of their own crops, and Lennie's favorite part that he would have rabbits. Lennie totally depends on George while George depends on Lennie's acts that just takes them to see each time farther the dream they had. we can see in the book how George gives advices to Lennie like for example staying away of Curley's wife but Lennie can be easily manipulated and she stays with him therefore Lennie kill her by accident. George sees sometimes Lennie as a obstacle in his life because Lennie created many trouble but he still believe in the farm dream even dough that Lennie made it look farther. George always helped Lennie as if he was his blood bother until the end. 


I think that after Lennie killed Curley's wife by accident he didn't have many choices and he followed George instructions to hide in the place where they camp before arriving to the farm. Due to the fact that Curley's father was the owner of the farm and that Curley's wife was the only woman on the farm and wife of Curley all the ranch-men went in search of Lennie to kill him because of what he had done. George hopping that Lennie had followed his advices goes to the meeting place and finds Lennie. George asked to Lennie to turn around and look for the ranch-men and then George shoot Lennie with Carlson's gun but saying that Lennie had the gun in his hands. Slim was the only one who really understand what had happen.
I think George knew that Lennie didn't have any options and that the ranch-men will soon find them and he will also be in trouble, anyway Lennie will be kill by the ranch-men so he decide to kill his friend what sound terrible but finally was better because George preferred to kill Lennie as a friend rather than letting other men kill him.

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Of Mice and Men by: John Steinbeck

  • GEORGE: Frequently tells the story of the farm they dream to Lennie. Cares a lot of Lennie and he is always there to protect him, even doguht some times he gets mad with Lennie errors and he is physically small.
  • LENNIE: Has an obsession with soft things which have lead George and Lennie to have trouble in work. totally dependent on George due to the small mental disability. does not control his strength. likes pets and he is physically tall.   
  • SLIM: Mule driver that has authority over the rest of ranch-hands. other ranch-hands usually ask him for help. understand really well the relationship between George and Lennie and is the only one that supports George after the dead of Lennie.
  • CANDY: and old ranch-hand, likes the idea of the ideal farm and offers his money so he can join it. Had an old dog that then was killed. Lost his hand in the farm. 
  • CROOKS: black ranch-hand, usually alone because of his skin color. also wants to join George and Lennie to to buy their own land
  • CURLEY'S WIFE: The only woman in the story. the ranch-hands men are aware of her because Curley is very jealous. Is the female in the story and doesn't like her life with Curley.
  • CURLEY: Likes to fight, he is very jealous. physically small use to fight big opponents to prove his strength. the boss' son.
  • CARLSON: Also ranch-hand, hates Candy's old dog. kills the old dog and his gun is use by George to shoot Lennie.
  • BOSS: He is the owner of the farm and seems like a very gentle person and generous guy. Curley's father.